Grand Bargain

“Keep in mind that these folks spent millions and millions of dollars – and played just as many dirty tricks – to defeat Obama and a host of other Democratic candidates, and that money wasn’t spent, nor were those dirty tricks played, in the hope that Republicans might emerge victorious,’ wrote Detroit Monster on The Black Liberal Boomer Blog on the eve of the vote. “This was an all-out, go-for-broke campaign that was not supposed to lose. They had successfully cleared the decks in 2010 to make way for a flood of rightwing Tea Party affiliated candidates, they had engaged in massive demonstrations of voter suppression right up to the day of the vote, they had a bought-and-paid-for Supreme Court majority who had handed a stolen presidency to George W. Bush in 2000 come to the rescue once again when they gave the thumbs-up to Citizens United, enabling super wealthy individuals and the corporations who love them to swallow America whole.”

Alas, for the most part it didn’t come to pass. The divisiveness, the smears, the racism, the attempted voter suppression, the obscurantism, and outright lying didn’t work. The reactionary rightwing suffered a clear setback and for that the nation and the world can be thankful.

But danger lurks from another quarter.

The “bipartisan” financial elite has always been determined to get its way no matter who was headed for the White House next year. While the nation has been preoccupied with who would run the government for the next four years, the austerity lobby has been quietly mobilizing its forces. It has been augmented by powerful corporate interests who are prepared to spend as much a $100 million on a campaign to make the 99 percent of us pay the major costs of overcoming capitalism’s latest crisis. They are intent on making sure that the greatest sacrifices are borne by working people, retirees and the poor.

This is how it goes down.

If a proposal to undermine Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid comes before the new Congress, all the members of that body will have to show where they stand. Although it will be easier now that the election is over, that will still be a political problem. And so, under the banner of “deficit reduction,” and a threatened “fiscal cliff,” a drive is underway to cut a backroom legislative deal. When the secret horse-trading is over, a package will be presented for approval and for which no one will take responsibility for any of its individual parts. It’s called a “grand bargain.”

— From Carl Bloice at The Black


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