Haven’t Got Time for the Pain

Periodically, the drug rehab industry which makes big bucks supposedly curing people of using painkilling drugs (rarely does anyone cure pain), makes a splash claiming that society needs their services even more. Now they are spreading lies about an epidemic of pain-killing and they most assuredly would like to defend pain.

Killing pain isn’t a problem. Indeed, most doctors are so afraid of being investigated for dispensing opiates that they don’t prescribe drugs for those who really need them. Pain is a problem and far more suffer from the lack of medication than from too much.

Indeed, for all the hoopla about deaths from over-prescription, little attention is given to the 16,000 deaths from non-prescribed over-the-counter non-narcotic pain meds annually. Aspirin and ibuprofen cause stomach bleeding and acetaminophen (Tylenol) kills. Many of the alleged deaths due to opiates are really due to the excess consumption of acetaminophen which the Feds mandates be added to narcotics. Apparently, our Government is so concerned about our prospective addiction that they would rather kill us with acetominiphen than allow us pain-relief with opiates.

Opiates are the oldest drug known to man. Opium in one form or another has been used by humans for 10,000 years and used safely. Unlike the various over-the-counter products, opiates are naturally produced by the human body itself and do not pose a health threat in modest controlled dosages. Now that marijuana is being legalized perhaps its time we legalize pain-relief and end the persecution of pain-sufferers.


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