Why Don’t We Just Let John Boehner Live in the White House

Why not indeed. Mr. Obama can’t seem to be able to stand up and fight so why continue the charade that he’s the President.

From the New York Times, March 1, 2013:

“The president also signaled that he wants to avoid a clash with Congress that could shut down the government at the end of March even if it means allowing across-the-board cuts to remain in place for months, saying that the cuts will not amount to an “apocalypse.” “The pain, though, will be real,” he said.

Mr. Obama’s comments came as Republican leaders made clear they had no intention of budging on the president’s demands that the across-the-board cuts be replaced with what he calls a “balanced” package of spending cuts and tax increases.”

I know, I know, all you “liberals” are still hoping.


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