Canadians Unite in “Common Causes”

Social justice groups, indigenous groups and Canadians from communities across the country are coming together under a banner of “Common Causes” on Monday as part of what organizers are calling an “unprecedented movement” to push back against the Harper government’s erosion of environmental protections, workers’ rights, and the general social welfare.

Common Causes ( or Causes Communes in French) is an assembly of movements, say the nearly 50 groups involved, dedicated to “defending democracy, social justice, the environment and human rights.”

“In keeping with the values of the significant majority of peoples who reside in Canada, Quebec, and on Indigenous lands, we provide alternatives to the current Conservative government’s agenda,” the coalition group explained in a statement. “We believe that coordinated action is needed to take a strong stand against this agenda that is changing society in critical areas such as the economy, the environment, labour rights, health care, food safety, education, social programs, culture, civil liberties, peace, and poverty.”   — Jon Queally



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