Viva Chavez — Hugo Chavez R.I.P.

It is with a deep feeling of regret that the DISSENTING DEMOCRAT has learned that HUGO CHAVEZ, President of Venezuela, has succumbed to cancer.

In the United States, we were told to hate and fear Chavez as an anti-American dictator. We are often told to hate and fear those who stand in the way of the Power Elite who govern the American Empire but Chavez was no enemy of the American people. He was an enemy of those who oppressed his people in Venezuela, and those who oppressed other peoples throughout the world.

Unlike some American Presidents, Chavez was duly and democratically elected President of his country without the assistance of judges appointed by his father. Unlike some American Presidents, Chavez never appointed Wall Street investment bankers to run his economy.

Chavez had the audacity to appear before the United Nations General Assembly on the day after George W Bush and say that he still smelled the sulfur from the presence of the Devil. He then urged the world’s ambassadors to read Noam Chomsky’s Hegemony or Survival. Would that more world leaders could be so refreshingly honest and astute.

The Media in the U.S. neglected to report it but CITGO, the oil company owned by the Venezuelan Government at Chavez’s direction, provided thousands of poor Americans free or at-cost fuel oil to get them through the winter as public energy assistance was slashed by their own government at the behest of the Money Lords.

Was Hugo Chavez an enemy of the American people? No, as the Arab proverb has it, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The American people lost a friend.


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