Running Down Social Security on the Daily Rundown

DAILY RUNDOWN with Chuck Todd on MSNBC hosted two Congress-critters, one a Democrat and one a Republican, or what the Media likes to call a Democrat and Republican. The critters reached a bipartisan consensus that it was necessary to destroy Social Security in order to save it. The only disagreement was as to how to kill it, with a swift hatchet to the neck or slow strangulation. The Republican was the hatchet man while the Democrat being liberal and compassionate wanted to slowly squeeze the life out of the program all the while assuring Seniors that he felt their pain.

The Republican signed on to the Boy Wonker’s budget proposal while the Democrat, caring to a fault, would merely extend the eligibility age for its¬† white collar workers, and shift the program away from being a universal entitlement to becoming a welfare program for poor folks only.

Let’s talk about the so-called Democrat’s “liberal” approach, after all we know that the Boy Wonker’s approach is simply tossing granny over the cliff without further nicety. The Democrats conceded that manual or bluecollar workers probably won’t last long enough to retire at 70 or so and so would be allowed to retire at 65 as it is now. Office workers being supposedly shiftless lazy folks who coast through their workdays will be forced to drudge it out until reaching a yet older age.

How would that work? Would the white-collars still have to pay a full tax throughout their working life or would they get a discount? And if discounted wouldn’t that contribute to the financial deficit that Social Security vultures are sounding the alarm about?

How does one determine what an office worker is? Some workers work in an office in the factory while some factory workers sit in cushy chairs and in air-conditioned comfort assembling widgets with the exertion of a nabob. Some office personnel slave over a copier in the heat and dust that saps human energy worse than any assembly line, how would Social Security apply that distinction?

And to be fair, Congress-critters sit on their butts all day rising now and then just to let C-SPAN know they’re still alive and yet they can collect FULL GOVERNMENT PENSIONS as early as the age of 45 and then do so for life. By this calculus Congress-critters shouldn’t be allowed to retire until they reach the age of 240.

The Dem’s other Deform would be to change Social Security from universal social insurance into a welfare program where poor old folks would dutifully beg to get their money from a welfare bureaucrat who would then police their lives. Social Security is today an “entitlement” meaning that once you pay in sufficient taxes covering working-quarters you are entitled to collect upon reaching retirement age. You don’t have to beg, you don’t have to lick boots, you turn 65 and collect. This has made Social Security the most popular program ever. Means-testing it would lower it in estimation to that of TANF (AFDC) or Food Stamps.

Furthermore, what do you say to someone who has worked their entire life while paying INTO Social Security only to be told to kiss their money goodbye because they will not be allowed to enjoy any benefit from the promise of 1933.

It was a service to the debate that Chuck Todd picked a Democrat and a Republican to “debate” Social Security because there was no real debate. The Elite have decided to KILL Social Security and the only debate allowed by the MSM* is regarding how best to effect the execution. If we had a truly free media we would be exposed to the very solid argument supporting Social Security as-is, undeformed.


“MSM” Mainstream Media, otherwise to be known as the Corporate Media


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