KFC Sells Rat Meat*

Eunice Jasica lost her job last year, and then her home and then her car. She ended up living in a Salvation Army shelter for the homeless in Tupelo, Mississippi. A few weeks ago things started looking up for Eunice when she landed a job at the local Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). That is until the boss learned that she lived in a shelter for the homeless and canceled her job. He fired her before she could start simply because she was homeless. KFC is too classy of a joint to employ a homeless person.

After being besieged by local and national press, the KFC manager changed his mind. He fessed up that he really, really didn’t fire her for being homeless, no he wouldn’t be so crass. No, he fired her because she was 59 years old and thus TOO OLD to work at KFC. Yeah, she was too old, that’s the ticket!

So whether you believe the first story or the second one, think about KFC who either won’t hire a homeless person or won’t hire a 59 year old. I know I am too old to work for KFC so I think I will be too old to buy their decrepit old chicken-like rat meat.


* Just kidding. KFC doesn’t sell rat meat, it just sells very old, unidentified semi-organic mystery meat which it makes-believes is chicken.


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