Interlude: How I Met Your Mother



It is not often that the DISSENTING DEMOCRAT departs from political polemics to delve into more mundane, and fun, topics, but here goes.

Devotees of HOW I MARRIED YOUR MOTHER know that by the end of the season the “Mother”, and woman the character Ted meets and marries should be revealed. Who will she be?

The DISSENTING DEMOCRAT, or rather the Lawrence A Winans member of it, is willing to speculate.

Back in September 2012, in the season premiere it was suggested that an unidentified woman Ted sees at a train station was the Mother-to-be. The actress was not credited but the IMDb website listed Jennifer Birmingham as a cast member for that episode.

Likewise, in tonight’s episode, an unidentified woman was shown as a member of the wedding band for Barney and Robin’s future wedding where it was hinted Ted met his future bride. The ONLY actress listed as additional cast for the episode was *SURPRISE* Jennifer Birmingham. Could it be?



In December 2012, various cast members had made public mention that the current season would be the last. Since that time, CBS has decided that the program would be renewed for yet another season. As a result we may not learn the identity of the “Mom” this year but will be kept curious until the Series Finale next year.


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