We’re Back!

As regular readers will have noted, we had intended to cease publication.

Nevertheless, things are bad and getting worse. We just can’t help griping about them and sharing our grievances with those who care to pause here for awhile. In the interim since we signed off we’ve learned about the following:

  • The Court’s decision against the NLRB which effectively orders it to stop enforcing the law
  • The President had a 16-year-old American killed overseas because his father was an Islamist propagandist although the kid had no connection with extremism.
  • The Mortgage Banks decided on their own to bypass the various State laws governing mortgage recordation and foreclosure to set up their own systems which didn’t even work.
  • The meager settlement checks given to homeowners who had their homes illegally taken BOUNCED!!!
  • An off-duty cop in Fayetteville, North Carolina, arrested a man ostensibly for resisting arrest but actually for the “crime” of being black in a public parking lot. No, I may sometimes emphasize something for effect but I do not lie, he was arrested for drinking a can of Arizona Tea in a public parking lot, and actually because he was black while doing so.
  • Two Air Force Generals have overturned convictions for sexual assault for officers under their command and the Air Force lead officer for Sexual Assault Prevention has been arrested for sexual assault.

We could go on but you get the idea. Much of this was never covered in our hometown newspaper or evening news programs. And if so would not be accompanied by the howls of protest and shrieks of despair that you can count on reading the Dissenting Democrat.

So we’re back. We will likely not keep the daily schedule we did before but we will publish an occasional polemic justifiably bemoaning our common fate in these declining years of the Republic.


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