Equal Justice (Huh! Oh, Yeah, Sure, Ha-Ha) Under the Law

One of the things we’re told to make us happy, and to keep us working, and to keep us buying, and to keep us from causing our overlords any difficulties, is that we all enjoy equal justice under the law.

Do you believe this? If you do then I’ve got a bridge over the Mississippi in Minneapolis which would be a perfect investment for you.

Justice is available for those who can afford it. If we push the speed limit a might, we’ll get a ticket and pay a fine. Even if we didn’t really speed, or if we’re accused of any other violation of the law, we still pay the fine or perform the community service. It doesn’t matter if we’re guilty or not because unless you can afford to hire a dream team in your defense, you really have no alternative.

That’s true for Joe and Jane Six-Pack regardless of collar, blue, white or pink. But it does not apply to the lords of the land. F’rinstance, today AMERICAN AIRLINES after months of legal hassle, used to treating passengers (other than first-class) like cattle, and subject to a multitude of fines imposed by the Government, decided to pay $ 25 MILLION in fines.

What !?! Doesn’t this prove that the high and mighty are also subject to the  law?

No, you see, the actual fines were $ 162 MILLION for repeated violations of the law and aviation regulations but AMERICAN AIRLINES just didn’t want to pay what was imposed. (Imagine, if you said, “Sorry, Judge, I don’t want to pay the $ 200 for the wrong turn, but I’ll give you $ 30”)

No, the Government was just happy to get 15% of what was owed and accepted what the Corporateers deemed appropriate. Much like France before the Revolution in 1789, the Nation’s Nobility could choose to be bound by the law or could choose to ignore it. We sans-culottes don’t have this choice.


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