Who Knows? The Shadow Knows *

One of the features of the British system of government is what is called a “shadow government”. The idea is that the opposition assigns people to “shadow” members of the government cabinet serving as watchdogs and offering a contrary take on official actions.

Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President in 2012, is proceeding to push for America’s own shadow government to keep an eye on the Democan-Republicrat coalition in power. Here’s the gist of it —

On Earth Day, another step was taken to challenge elite rule. A new alternative government was announced. It is an extension of the Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala Green Party campaign for president and vice president. The GREEN SHADOW CABINET currently consists of more than 80 activists, scientists, lawyers, advocates, economists, health professionals, labor leaders and artists who are independent of the corporate duopoly and are actively working on solutions to the crises we face. These top-level people in their fields have taken on this responsibility as volunteers.

The cabinet comes at a time when people are increasingly ready to leave the corrupt two-party system. With President Obama supporting cuts to Social Security and Medicare, drone-bombing countries with which we are not at war, and appointing Wall Street and other big business interests to his cabinet, many voters are searching for somewhere to go. Even the former head of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean is talking about leaving the Democrats.

The cabinet will serve as an independent voice in US politics, putting the needs of people and protection of the planet ahead of profits for big corporations. Members of the cabinet will demonstrate what an alternative government could look like. However, creating an alternative form of governance will depend in large part on what people do at the local level. (SOURCE: truth-out.org April 30, 2013)

I can hear my former colleagues in the Democratic Party tut-tutting in disapproval, it just isn’t practical, it’s just not realistic. Well, I have followed the “realistic” path for the last 50 years of my political participation and what do I see? A corrupt-bargain that poses as a Democratic government. A succession of wheeler-dealers who serve the super-wealthy elite while giving the voters an endless cacophony of platitudes and PR gimmicks. Continuing as is, isn’t realistic.


A Note for the Kids: “The Shadow” was a radio program which had a recurring refrain, “who knows? the shadow knows”.


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