Let’s Make the Scroungers Pay Up!

A gang of Banksters and Corporateers, the very ones who have been sucking the Government teat for years, have organized a lobby and called themselves “Fix the Debt”. They say that the ONLY way to fiscal responsibility is to throw Granny off of Medicare, and to cut Grampie’s Social Security, deny hungry kids food, and put the homeless back on the streets. They are wining and dining the Congressional critters to persuade them to CUT – CUT – CUT.

They, and the Congressional critters, want us to forget that we are not in debt due to Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps or the spare change we give to the poor and homeless. We’ve borrowed money from the Chinese to fight TWO wars on the never-never and to hand out bailout funds and tax bennies to the insufferably rich. We’re broke because they’re rich: one causes the other.

Tax cuts for the 1% have cost the U.S. ONE TRILLION DOLLARS!

Meanwhile, the very Corporations which have benefited from Government no-bid cost-plus contracts and bailouts have also fixed the tax system so that they don’t pay taxes. Corporations which have the dough to pay out record-level dividends and which pay their executives sky-high salaries and perks, have avoided paying their fair share to protect and defend this country. Corporations have AVOIDED $ 2.3 TRILLION in taxes.

If the SuperRich and their Corporate fronts would pay what they should owe, the Government could collect OVER THREE TRILLION in revenues.

A new organization called “Flip the Debt” has started to advocate that the rich and their corporate toadies pay up. Take a look at the website at http://www.flipthedebt.org/


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