The Right Tea-bags the IRS

The Rabid Right have grabbed their pitchforks and are besieging the IRS Federales screaming for blood. Apparently, several Tea bagging fake charities had been enjoying the tax-exemption due folks doing good works and then using this ill-got gain for politicking. When the IRS asked them pretty-please to stop such nefarious activities, the Neanderthals went ape.

How can anyone expect those that bear Right to abide by the Law? In homage to the Commodore of yore, “Law, Law, who needs the Law, ain’t we got the Power”?

Not that long ago Karl Rove had shepherded guv’mint goons in attacks on any “liberal” church daring to mutter words deferential to the Prince of Peace. The goons then were given carte blanche to hassle churches and ministries which did not duly genuflect towards the State-approved gods of war. When anti-war ministers cried peace, the IRS threatened their tax status. No Republicrat Congress-critter stood in their defense.

Although no church campaigned against the then-son-of-god, little George, “liberal” churches were taught a lesson. Today, right-wing churches actually campaign from the pulpit. Last year, over a 1000 fundie-funded congregations stated publicly that they would campaign for the Republican messiah du jour in church session and the IRS did diddle squat.

Not far from where I sit today, a megachurch enjoying tax-exemption, sitting on tax-free land enjoying a publicly funded road, publicly-funded water and sewers and so forth, had a preacher man declaim from its pulpit that its congregants had the religious duty to vote for Michelle Bachmann, a satanic she-devil if there ever was one, and stirred no repercussions from either the IRS or State Revenue Commissioner.

The better way to handle such problems is to dispense with tax exemptions altogether. Why should a shearer of sheep be obligated to pay taxes while a scammer of sheep be not so burdened. Let god’s own hang left or right without restraint, but let’s not subsidized them with the taxpayer’s dollar.


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