Obama Speaks Out in Opposition to the Obama Administration

Recently, President Barack Obama spoke of his disgust with a Government that violates the Constitutional guarantees of due process of law. He furthermore reiterated his continuing opposition to the presence of the Gitmo detention facility operating outside American and international law. One would think he was campaigning against a sitting President except that the campaigns are over and HE IS THE PRESIDENT. It is obvious that Mr. Obama likes to campaign while lacking any inclination to actually govern. This makes Andy Borowitz’s opinion piece all the more relevant —

  Andy Borowitz:

President Obama used his weekly radio address on Saturday to reassure the American people that he has “played no role whatsoever” in the U.S. government over the past four years.

“Right now, many of you are angry at the government, and no one is angrier than I am,” he said. “Quite frankly, I am glad that I have had no involvement in such an organization.”

The President’s outrage only increased, he said, when he “recently became aware of a part of that government called the Department of Justice.”

“The more I learn about the activities of these individuals, the more certain I am that I would not want to be associated with them,” he said. “They sound like bad news.”

Mr. Obama closed his address by indicating that beginning next week he would enforce what he called a “zero tolerance policy on governing.”

“If I find that any members of my Administration have had any intimate knowledge of, or involvement in, the workings of the United States government, they will be dealt with accordingly,” he said.

The Borowitz Report appears regularly in THE NEW YORKER. The foregoing snippet is replicated from its republication in “Issues & Alibis”


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