Obama Can Play But for Real People Politics Isn’t Just a Game

Barack Obama is colluding with Republicans to cut Social Security and demolish Medicare. He is doing this in deliberate emulation of Bill Clinton who made his creds on the backs of the poor who suffered through welfare deform in the 1990s.

What will this mean to real folks? We rarely read of how various plans and projects in Washington affect people. You can be sure that for all the pontificating on the Republicans’ part and the “hopey changey” bloviation from that man in the White House that real people will suffer.

Looking back on Clinton-Gingrich welfare deform let’s take a look at one person affected by their politickin’: Marcus Stephens.

Marcus was born with a defective heart in Mississippi in 1984. Mississippi already had a reputation for killing off its poor through neglect and starvation so that medical care for the boy was not a major concern of public policy. After 8 years of applications, red tape, and the usual rigamaroll, Marcus was admitted to the Federal SSI program providing assistance for the disabled. The monthly grant of $ 446 was enough to enable the family to get him to Memphis to see a specialist. Unfortunately, the prognosis was not good and little Marcus was placed on a waiting list for a new heart.

However in the same year, 1997, that Marcus started to wait for his heart, the Clinton-Gingrich bill to screw-over the poor went into effect. Within a month Marcus Stephens, confined to his bed and waiting for a transplant was “re-evaluated”. According to the new standards imposed by heartless Republicans and a politically opportunistic manipulative faux Democrat as President, Marcus was reformed out of being disabled and hence cut off SSI. Marcus died six months later.

Did Marcus’ condition change? No, the regulations changed and thus the definition of “disabled”. So too, once Boner and Can’ter aided and abetted by the Traitor, get done with Social Security and Medicare, there will still be old people and sick old people but they will be re-defined, re-evaluated and re-formed out of existence.


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