A Politician with Principles


SENATOR WENDY DAVIS exercised her right to filibuster the proposed bill in the Texas State Senate which would limit abortions in the State. Unlike the U.S. Senate where Senators can filibuster without ever taking the floor and saying a word, in Texas Wendy must continue speaking, must stay on topic, cannot take a bathroom break, sip water, sit or even lean on the desk in front of her. As of this writing she has been in action for almost 12 hours.

You go girl!


UPDATE: Senator Davis had her filibuster ended and ruled out of order. However, continued procedural wrangling pushed the session to the Midnight deadline when the Session was to be adjourned by Law. But, folks, when the Republicans run a Legislature they don’t care particularly about the law. The Republicans continued to vote AFTER the session ended and the bill was enacted 13 minutes after the end of the session.


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