Environmental Update

Let’s face it, humans have been trashing Mother Earth terribly. As bad as spouse-beating is, mother-beating has to be a comparable sin. Mom’s down but she’s not out and in the words of Dr Huxtable, Mother Earth may very well be saying, “I brought you into this world, you should know, I can take you out!”

  • Coastal fish populations off of Southern California have dropped 78% in the last 40 years (LOS ANGELES TIME July 10, 2013)
  • Fukushima nuclear power plant continues to leak radioactivity into the ocean (SEATTLE TIMES July 10, 2013)
  • 22 Megafires currently burning in the West and in Alaska (LOS ANGELES TIMES July 10, 2013)
  • House Republicans propose to cut funding for renewable energy (SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE July 12, 2013)
  • Climate change will disrupt the energy infrastructure — oil wells, dams, power plants — due to storms, flooding, rising tides and droughts (NEW YORK TIMES July 11, 2013)

Such compilations could be done daily. Environmental news is bad and gets worse. At one time everyone agreed that “something had to be done” and only inertia kept the Government from undertaking amelioration. Now as wackos have succeeded in taking over of of the two American political parties, the Devil has acquired advocates who argue in FAVOR of environmental destruction.


One response to “Environmental Update

  1. While I agree that we’re trashing the planet, wildfires are a part of the natural process. Western forests are adapted precisely for burning. However, conditions are exacerbated by our fire suppression policy. We should be letting all wildfires burn and not spend the 1+ billion dollars a year trying to fight them. As a result, people who decide to build multimillion dollar houses at the base of mountains in Colorado and other seasonally dry areas need to pay the ultimate price of losing their house and never getting it back. In the end, we’d save large sums of tax dollars, insurance companies could lower their prices and 18-year old fire fighters won’t die saving a retiree’s house. Problem solved!

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