It May Not Be the End, But It Is the Beginning of the End

The lawsuit against the implementation of the National Defense Authorization Act authorizing the use of indefinite military detention of American citizens instituted by Chris Hedges, Daniel Ellsberg and Noam Chomsky failed.

CHRIS HEDGES had this comment:

“This is quite distressing. It means there is no recourse now either within the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branches of government to halt the steady assault on our civil liberties and most basic Constitutional rights. It means that the state can use the military, overturning over two centuries of domestic law, to use troops on the streets to seize U.S. citizens, strip them of due process and hold them indefinitely in military detention centers. States that accrue to themselves this kind of power, history has shown, will use it. We will appeal, but the Supreme Court is not required to hear our appeal. It is a black day for those who care about liberty.”

As a student of the Second World War I have always wondered what it felt like to live in the Weimar Republic just before the Nazis seized power. To have been aware of pending doom in that twilight period just before the sun set on liberty and the rule of law. It must have felt like it does today in America, some may mock, many more deny, but the facts remain that the constitutional republic we inherited, we have lost. It’s all over.


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