Liberal Elite Have Betrayed the People



The DEMOCRATIC COALITION is properly made up of Liberals, Populists, Progressives, Social-Democrats & Radicals and yet we have deferred to the Liberals to run the Party and through the Party make public policy. Regretfully, Liberals have a fad fixation. Liberals want to be new, they want to be “in” and avant-garde and so while they once advocated on behalf of working people, working people became passe and the Liberals moved on to the lastest fad and the newest trend. For many decades they dwelled upon the concerns of the Black or African-American community but in recent times have moved on first to Latinos, and then dropping them, onto the Vietnamese, Hmong, Haitians, Somalis and now gays.

Liberals feel a need to be Trendy more than being right. And so that although there is a common cause to be served which unites all the various groups who make up the Great American 99%, Liberals insist upon dividing America by gender, orientation, ethnicity and then casting their lot with which ever group is “IN”.

Since 1980, the American 99% have been attacked by the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy and abandoned by the Liberal Establishment which was supposed to be on America’s side. Working people must unite regardless of cultural identity. The Black worker has more in common with a White worker or an Asian worker than he or she does with the son of Clarence Thomas or a Chinese capitalist-commissar. The Black Bourgeosie and the Rich White are united in their common economic interests. Liberals including the owners of the Media are part of the Power Elite and so cannot be considered as the American people’s advocates.

Chris Hedges has a good take on the Liberal Elite in the above-segment but should not necessarily be considered as endorsing our opinion as stated herein.


2 responses to “Liberal Elite Have Betrayed the People

  1. Good post! also see Michael Lind’s recent piece on “Charity vs Solidarity Liberalism.”

  2. dissentingdemocrat

    Having read Bob’s recommendation, I also urge readers to read Lind’s essay. It can be found at

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