Lindy Boggs R.I.P.

LINDY BOGGS, Congresswoman from Louisiana and an active Democrat since the Administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, has passed away in her nineties.

Although a politician in her own right, Lindy was the wife of HALE BOGGS, also a Congressman from Louisiana and a leader within the Congressional Democratic Caucus. As we approach the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F Kennedy, we should recall that Hale Boggs was one of many who was unhappy with the findings of the Warren Commission, and indeed he was the one who prepped Jim Garrison to commence an investigation of the CIA links to the murder-plot.

It has been alleged that Representative Boggs was pursuing his own investigation and had hinted that he had significant revelations which he planned to release. However, the Congressman then went missing in an airplane over the Alaskan wilderness and whatever he was about to reveal was lost.

Looking at Congressional deaths, it is interesting trivia that one is twice as likely to die in an air “accident” if one is a Democrat than if one is a Republican. Furthermore, one’s mortality is negatively affected if one is a skeptic of the “official” explanation of events.


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