“Salads, Infected? Let Them Eat Cake!”

Think on this.

Recently, 400 people became ill in 16 States. Two of the State Health Departments were willing to identify “pre-packaged salads” as the source of the outbreak.

It would seem to make sense that the consuming public be informed as to which salad packages were infected. But no that would only be true if the Government were actually concerned about the health of its people. It would not be true if the Government’s highest priority were the profit margins of the AgriBusiness Corporations hawking the salad products. The States beg off stating that they cannot reveal the brand names because the respective States have laws against disclosing which Corporations are killing off people.

You see the Legislative-critters have responded as puppets on strings when their Corporate masters (and puppeteers) have tugged. The Masters have said, “Protect us from the Consumers wrath”. And the low-life critters bow and obey. What is the health of regular folks, or the life of a child when such serious issues as profits are concerned. Heck, if a few of us die, so much the better, it’ll keep us in line.

Along the same line, a new Sci-Fi film is to be  released in a week called “Elysium”. It stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster and is set years in the future where the Super-Rich have reserved for themselves every luxury and convenience while the 99% are reduced to servitude. The director, Neill Blomkamp, was asked as if he saw the future to be so dreary and he responded, “it’s not the future, it’s now”.

Until we refuse to be slaves, the 1% and the Government that represents them will feed us infected sludge if it makes them a buck or two.


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