Only in America

A report featured in the WASHINGTON POST( August 9, 2013) reveals that the USA is Number One in yet another category! Yes, our One Percent is RICHER than all of the other One Percenters in other countries. Hurrah?  Of course, this means also that the American 99% is comparatively poorer than many of the 99% in other countries.

And some more good news: American CEOs are paid MORE and MORE still than CEOs of corporations in other nations. Does this mean that American CEOs are more productive? No, Silly. Even those American Corporations which are failing or are demonstratively less productive than European or Japanese corporations still pay their CEOs more. It just doesn’t matter whether they’re productive or not, American CEOs are paid more. Indeed, the CEOs of American corporations which are in decline and which produce less than a comparable European firm ARE STILL PAID MORE !!!

What a country. What a “free market”.


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