The Power Elite’s Checklist

Recently a correspondent dropped us a note with the following list. It appears to be a printed checklist leftover from a meeting. Everyone of the items had been checked off with big red marks except for the last two which had been added by hand but left unchecked. Our source was not clear as to where he found the list recounting something about Bilderbergers, the Business Roundtable, the Republican National Committee, Bank of America and the Koch Brothers Boardroom, we’re just not sure.

  • Steal a bundle in the Savings&Loan Looting of the 1980s, and ten times more in the Bank Robbery of 2008-12.
  • Knock over cities one by one (eg. Detroit “bankruptcy”)
  • Target the Social Security Fund for a massive looting but call it “Reform”
  • Bust the Unions
  • Squeeze the social budget annually until phased out entirely. If anyone fights back then repudiate the debt and flush the country down the toilet
  • Turn workers against one another so as to control them: Union vs. NonUnion, Private vs. Public, White vs. Black, American-born vs. Immigrant, young vs. old . . .
  • Resurrect old laws that had already been declared Unconstitutional (Espionage Act of 1918) and shove through new ones in a climate of fear and panic (Patriot Act) making truth-telling and whistle-blowing crimes
  • Make the cost of college too expensive for the children of working families and then burden those who try with enormous debts and in that way keep some dumb and others intimidated
  • Move about 25% of American industry and jobs to low-wage and slave-labor countries and keep up the pressure until Americans accept pennies on the dollar as wages. Justify this as “Free Trade”
  • Bamboozle some politicos with an absurd ideology and wacko schemes while buying off the more intelligent with lobbyist contracts and choice corporate jobs
  • Brainwash as many of the masses as possible with a phony religion which justifies every privilege of the Elite as God’s will
  • Tell the public over and over that Slavery is Freedom until many actually believe that they are “free” to sleep under bridges
  • Steal the equity of homes and personal investments in IRAs and 401ks through political connections and financial shenanigans
  • Cut the taxes of the SuperRich by 100s of Thousands while handing out a $ 100 or $ 200 to the average schmo so that he thinks he is getting his share
  • Demonize any person or institution that could mount a challenge as “Socialist” or “Union boss” or “Bureaucrat”. Feed the line that Billionaires are really the people’s defenders against democratic government
  • Slowly reduce the number of people voting by gerrymandering districts, reducing polling places and irregular vote counts. Where possible declare an emergency and replace elected governments with appointed czars
  • Whenever the people start to wise up finesse another foreign challenge or phony up another Enemy so that the people will be frozen in fear
  • Require that all young women prior to marriage serve a night of concubinage in the bedrooms of the local Money Lords
  • Grind the aged into “Soylent Green” and sell the products to overseas workers

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