Police States Don’t Take Kindly to Truth-telling

GLENN GREENWALD is an American citizen living in London and reporting for the THE GUARDIAN, one of the top three national newspapers in the United Kingdom. Although he has written many news reports and commentaries, he is probably best known as the journalist who received and publicized the revelation of the U.S. government’s involvement in illegal activities as provided by Edward Snowden.

Greenwald’s live-in partner, David Miranda, occasionally assists Greenwald in his investigative projects and was engaged in such a project on August 18 of this past week. He was arriving at Heathrow Airport when he was detained by British security forces and subject to nine hours of interrogation. Mr. Miranda was not accused of a crime, no probable cause for such a stop and interrogate was given, he was not allowed a lawyer and he was told that he had no right to refuse to answer questions and would be imprisoned if he did refuse. Although released after nine hours, his personal possessions consisting of research notes, a laptop, a camera and cellphone were confiscated without warrant or explanation.

Neither Mr Greenwald nor Mr Miranda are terrorists or criminals. They are not engaged in criminal or treasonous activities. And for the record, they are not Muslims, although religious affiliation would not justify treatment as a criminal. They are journalists engaged in the legally-protected activity of reporting on the government.

It is because of their lawful activities that Miranda, and through him, Greenwald, were being harassed. The British Government on behalf of their American overlords were intent on sending a message to Greenwald, The Guardian newspaper and journalists everywhere that certain inquiries and opinions will not be tolerated. The Governments of both nations will not tolerate reporting of their illegal activities.

Compared to what happens to other truth-tellers, the nine hour interrogation was fairly mild. In the U.S. when J H Hatfield wrote about George W Bush’s drug use, Hatfield was suicided. News reporter Gary Webb reported on the CIA’s drug-running and then became so depressed that he shot himself in the head TWICE! Journalist Michael Hastings who wrote an expose about the American military emailed Wikileaks to tell them that the FBI was after him and then had a mysterious auto accident. The “accident” was described by witnesses as having the appearance of an explosion. Fancy that!

Freedom is on the ropes. It is being battered by political opportunists, covert operators, banksters, corporate crooks, and the I G Farben of our era (Koch Brothers enterprises). But its greatest enemy is the apathy of the people. If Freedom dies it won’t be because of an assault or sickness but due to neglect.

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