The Obama War on Syria

We are going to war again and again it is being done without a Declaration of War from the Congress. The Constitution clearly reads that the power to enter into a war rests with Congress and not the President. It is not sufficient for a President to call on several members of Congress for their OK, the Constitution requires debate, deliberation and a recoded vote. Mr. Obama’s War on Syria, like his War on Libya, is unlawful. These wars like the Bush Wars on the Iraqi and Afghan peoples are unconstitutional and in contravention of international law. What Barack Obama proposes to do in Syria is a war crime under the standards adopted at Nuremberg. It is also a High Crime and impeachable offense.

Robert Reich

We’re about to go into Syria. I can’t tell you at this point how, but the U.S. is readying an offensive. We’re rounding up allies, as we did before we went into Iraq. The White House is preparing the American people, as another White House did before Iraq. But doesn’t this at least deserve a real debate? The silence in America is deafening. Didn’t we learn anything from Iraq? Or, for that matter, from Vietnam?

I’m as appalled as anyone by the Syrian regime and its use of chemical weapons on its own people. But what exactly do we expect to achieve by entering this fray? And at what cost — to us, to the Syrian people, to the tinderbox of the Middle East?

Normally I don’t venture into foreign policy, but foreign and domestic policy aren’t easily separated. At a time when almost one in four American children is in poverty, when the middle class is struggling to make ends meet, when inequality is widening, and we’re dis-investing in infrastructure and education, can we really afford what this initiative could easily mushroom into? We have seen the power of the military-industrial-congressional complex to get its way, to get the dollars it wants, and to sway public opinion in the direction that will be most profitable to it. At the very least, we deserve a full and frank discussion of what the Obama Administration is about to get us into.

— Excerpt from Robert Reich’s blog

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