Oh, Yeah, the Constitution-Thingie

The following excerpt comes from POLITICO –

Anti-war Democrats in Congress are getting the band back together.

Democrats who made their names opposing the Iraq war are not staying silent as a president of their own party prepares to attack Syria.

But they’re not exactly demanding that President Barack Obama stand down from launching airstrikes in the country. Like many Republican lawmakers, they want Congress to authorize any military action there and are urging the administration to allow a healthy debate on the proper U.S. role — if any — in the dangerous country. But their criticism, at this point, falls short of total condemnation.

The anti-war Democrats are just organizing and starting to gain steam. Many of them admitted they’re likely to gather more force after a potential attack occurs instead of before it.

Late Saturday evening it was reported that Obama was revising his position away from a Presidential decision to bomb and towards seeking Congressional approval first. Although thankful for the Anti-War Democrats, we have to confess that it was the efforts of Sen. Rand Paul and others among the Republicans who scared Obama into consulting the Constitution. The threat of impeachment was dangled and Obama rediscovered the Constitution and the Congressional role. Gee, he can’t be expected to remember everything, can he?


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