A Curse Not a Blessing

JOHN KERRY, U.S. Secretary of State, appeared today before the House Foreign Affairs Committee to sell the Empire’s plan to strike Syria in the imminent future. During questioning, Secretary Kerry denied that the U.S. sought to be the world’s policeman but needed to act because we were “blessed” with the world’s greatest military.

We do indeed have the world’s greatest military, and indeed the most expensive military. We spend more than any other country, we spend more than most countries in the world combined. We spend more than all NATO members PLUS Russia PLUS China PLUS India PLUS Iran PLUS Syria. We have more bases overseas and more troops overseas than any other Empire in the history of the world.

But are we blessed?

Because of our dedication to paying out BILLIONS annually to defense industries, to borrowing from China and Japan in order to spend for military purposes, we are unable to afford most of the amenities enjoyed by other developed nations. We don’t provide our people a publicly funded healthcare service. We fail to provide an educational system equal to most of the other developed nations. We have more homeless and hungry people per capita than other developed nations. We have a higher illiteracy rate, we have lower social mobility, we have fewer employee benefits, and we have a higher crime rate. We imprison more, we house fewer, more children die from the lack of proper medical care, and we suffer all of this so we can maintain the world’s “greatest” military. We should have the world’s greatest economy, a Great Society but instead we are cursed with the greatest military.


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