America Is NUMBER ONE !

Yes, the UNITED STATES is the leading nation of the world.

We spend more than any other nation on arms, armaments, and the instruments of death.

We occupy more nations than any other nation.

We have more foreign bases than any other nation.

More American children live in poor households than in any other developed nation.

Americans live with the greatest inequality between the Rich and those who are not rich than any other developed country.

We score the LOWEST on the UN index of children’s welfare.

We provide the fewest days of vacation and holiday leave of any developed nation.

We spend MORE for healthcare and get the least of any developed country.

We have the highest infant mortality rate.

We have the highest proportion of a population without healthcare than any other developed nation.

We have the highest level of carbon emissions than any industrial state , although China is trying hard to beat us here.

We spend the least on social services of any OECD member state.

We sell more arms than any other state.

We lead the world in homicides.

We are beat only by Spain in the number of high-school dropouts.

We imprison more people per capita with our only challenger for the title being China.

We are NUMBER ONE, but in much of what we excel, we’d be better off if we weren’t.


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