Go East, Young Man, Go East

Xu Haifeng lives with her family in Wuxi, China. Three years ago her family home was confiscated by the city government and destroyed in order to provide the land to a acquisitive corporation. The City did not condemn the land nor purchase it, it simply took it. The City itself was deep in debt to one of China’s banks and needed the money that the corporation would provide.

Xu Haifeng traveled to Beijing to complain to the national government which promised to investigate. Over the next six months local police kidnapped Xu and members of her family detaining them without charges or trial. This was done 18 times to deter Xu from her complaints.

Xu Haifeng lives in a totalitarian state, so this is to be expected. But what is happening in China is happening in other Capitalist states. Property is stolen by local governments in Peru, Colombia, Italy, Zambia and . . . in the United States. Wherever political power is desperate for corporate cash, the people are dispossessed, robbed and imprisoned at will.

In the 1930s, fellow-traveling liberals visited the Soviet Union to see the future. Today we could visit Capitalist China for our glimpse of our future. “Communist” China blends absolute state power with absolute corporate greed. We have seen the future, and it’s a bitch.

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