Things to Come

Watching the classic film “Things to Come” (1936) based on H G Wells’ novels, I was intrigued by a child actor. She would have been about 8 or 9 when the film was distributed. I wondered what became of her, did she make other films, perhaps she became famous later.

Her name was Anne McLaren and her childhood acting experience in this film was her last. She never made another. She later attended Oxford where she studied zoology and made a career as a noted developmental biologist. Active politically in England, she was known as an advocate for public funding of childcare.

She died six years ago in an auto accident on the road to London. A remarkable life but one of which I was totally unaware until spurred by curiosity to conduct a brief research. So many lives meandering here and there, taking one path and then another until finally, usually when we expect it not, we run off the road.


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