If You Don’t Got It, They Can’t Tax It


Not too long ago several of the fatcat mouthpieces who pose as all-wise pundits on the talkbox started a campaign of distraction hoping to elicit the public’s ire on those who are not paying income taxes. This was pure and simply a propaganda device to shift the focus away from the SuperRich who are paying a smaller portion of their incomes in tax contributions every passing year. Better to have one element of the working-class attacking another element than having them united and eying the mega-wealth of the Money Lords.

When someone who spends too much time mesmerized by Fox News raised the issue with me, I imitated his tone of righteous wrath to inquire: “Yes, and how about those many millions who pay absolutely no tobacco tax?”. The Fox cub was puzzled, but isn’t that because they don’t use tobacco she asked. Exactly, says I so sly, those who don’t use tobacco, don’t pay taxes on tobacco AND those who don’t have taxable income, don’t pay income tax!

The chart from the Urban-Brookings Tax Center illustrates this phenomenon.




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