The Emperor Has No Clothes

The White House & the Democratic Party establishment do not understand the depth of the American people’s rejection of the Wall Street obedient policy followed by President Obama. The reason that the Democrats lost the Congress in 2010 was because real Democrats stayed home on election day. The country didn’t reject Democracy, it rejected the party wheeler-dealers who corrupted Democracy. Here is a recent letter of a local Green Party activist which typlifies the general disgust with a fake Democratic Party:

Dear Democratic Party,

Just how clueless are you?  Do you really have no idea why President Obama should be impeached?  There is no time limit on impeachment.  It would be very bipartisan to impeach both Bush and Obama.

This is the question you asked in regards to people wanting to impeach President Obama, “Why, you may ask. Who knows?” The empire is crumbling before your very eyes, and you do not see it.

It is time for a change!  Change is coming!  This is why I joined the Green Party in 2000 and have not looked back.  Please remove me from your email list.  I do not have time for corporate parties who take their orders from Wall Street.




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