Before You Dine, Take a Look at This

Just when you thought that Government couldn’t get any dumber this little news item arises:

The Department of Agriculture’s meat inspection program is your defense against the consumption of meat filled with bugs and bacteria, body parts, sweat and slime, and shit. Yes, shit. Meat processors frequently under the capitalist requirement to produce profits faster and faster, tend to allow such extras to the meat they ship out to your supermarket.

USDA inspectors catch the crap and keep it off of your plate. This is one of the benefits of Big Government.

However, the Obama regime, like the Bush regime before it, are intent at demonstrating as to how “Pro-Business” they can be, and so have been piloting a special program for meat processors which allow them to police themselves. No longer subject to governmental inspection, can’t have Guv’mint on their backs, meat processors promised to inspect their own meat products.

The meat industry says that the pilot program was a great success! Of course, they did. Perhaps we might not share their glee when we realize that a study of the actual results found that the lackadaisical self-regulation doesn’t prevent the shit from getting in your burgers.

One would think that this would put the kibosh on the pilot program. No, when the Obama Regime wants to give in to Biz, it will give us the “biz”. The pilot program despite the shitty results will be expanded so as to cover 50% of all meat inspection (read “non-inspection”) in the entire industry. You see the self-regulation (non-regulation) speeds up the process 20% resulting in more profits.

When Obama has to choose between pleasuring his business masters or protecting the health of the 99%, there really is no choice. Barry will be job-hunting soon, looking for a choice spot on a corporate board, and he will need to have good references. No sense in going back to the field when the masters will secure an in-house position if he’s good.

[If this is offensive please consider just how offensive it is to contemplate crap-burgers]




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