Just One Damn Coincidence After Another: Jim Koethe, Bill Hunter & Tom Howard

Coincidences do occur from time to time but it is truly astonishing how many “coincidences” have occurred in connection to the  assassination of President Kennedy, the Watergate-related coup that brought down President Nixon, and the Attacks of September 11. Here is just one of those coincidences that have been relegated to the footnotes of history

Jim Koethe worked as a reporter for the Dallas Times Herald. He was involved in the investigation of the killing of President Kennedy. On 24th November, 1963, Koethe and Bill Hunter of the Long Beach Press Telegram interviewed George Senator. Also there was the attorney Tom Howard. Earlier that day Senator and Howard had both visited Jack Ruby in jail. That evening Senator arranged for Koethe, Hunter and Howard to search Ruby’s apartment.

It is not known what the journalists found but on 23rd April 1964, Bill Hunter was shot dead by Creighton Wiggins, a policeman in the pressroom of a Long Beach police station. Wiggins initially claimed that his gun fired when he dropped it and tried to pick it up. In court this was discovered that this was impossible and it was decided that Hunter had been murdered. Wiggins finally admitted he was playing a game of quick draw with his fellow officer. The other officer, Errol F. Greenleaf, testified he had his back turned when the shooting took place. In January 1965, both were convicted and sentenced to three years probation.

Jim Koethe decided to write a book about the assassination of John F Kennedy. However, he died on 21st September, 1964. It seems that a man broke into his Dallas apartment and killed him by a karate chop to the throat. Tom Howard died of a heart-attack, aged 48, in March, 1965.

SOURCE: http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/JFKkoethe.htm



One response to “Just One Damn Coincidence After Another: Jim Koethe, Bill Hunter & Tom Howard

  1. Way too convenient deaths involving people who knew too much or saw something they weren’t supposed. Gary Underwood worked with the people involved in the assassination in the CIA and Pentagon and stated it was those crazy CIA people involved in Southeast Asia who were the main participants (Ed Lansdale and Co.). I guess they CIA didn’t want Kennedy fouling up their drug business and ruining a perfectly good war (in their eyes). Underwood also was conveniently “suicide” like so many others.

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