The Obamazation of Labor

Labor Unions have been shafted so frequently by the Obama regime that one would think that someone would finally conclude that it is time to stand up straight and pull up its pants. Yet time and time again Labor remains dutifully bent over and exposed.

The AFL-CIO was one of Obamacare’s greatest champions. Although every labor-oriented think tank and scholar who studied the proposal contended that some form of a “Public Option” or a straight-forward expansion of Medicare for all would serve workers best, labor’s leaders signed on to help the for-profit insurance industry gain a greater share of the market. The AFL-CIO, like an abused spouse, believed that their lover was good at heart and despite beatings returned to what can only be seen as a sick relationship.

Now, Labor has awakened to Obamacare’s true intent and purpose. Besides augmenting Big Insurance profits, the Unions have found that employers nationwide are being provided incentives to reduce working hours, and wages, and dump their employees into the ever-growing pool of temp and part-time workers.

As Labor Journalist and activist, Shamus Cooke has written in an Op/Ed:

“Unions pressed ahead with Obamacare even after the Congressional Budget Office predicted that as many as 20 million people could be victimized by having their employer-based health care dropped, since these people would now be “mandated” to buy health care as individuals.

Of course, if companies were incentivized by Obamacare to save money on labor costs, they were going to do it.

“But now!”, shriek labor leaders, Obamacare is incentivizing employers to switch to part time emplyment! 

Not true. In 2009 mainstream media outlets were talking about this openly too.

Labor leaders are faking outrage now because their members are being directly affected, as are millions of others, all of whom have every right to blame labor leaders for this “nightmare scenario.”

Obamacare is perhaps the most blatant example of the complete incompetency of many U.S. labor leaders, who’ve tied the fate of organized labor to the Democratic Party, with disastrous results.”

The Democratic Party from 1933 to 1992 was Labor’s Party but it is no longer. While there are still REAL Democrats and indeed a majority of the party rank-and-file remain REAL Democrats, the Party is dominated by Wall Street Whores. Labor will not recover unless it divorces itself from ex-lovers who abuse it.




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