President Obama has repeatedly said that  he will not negotiate Obamacare in order to get the Wackos to keep the Government operating. Note that he did not say he wouldn’t negotiate other things. The word around the tunnels under the Capitol is that Obama will use the occasion to slice and dice Social Security. He will carry on as to how he is the “adult” and needs to deal with the Tea-sers some how. So he will be FORCED to cut Social Security! Not his fault you know, they made him do it.

And who will bear the burden of this betrayal of Seniors and the remaining Democrats in the Democratic Party. Not Obama, he’s not up for election unless you call his selection for select Corporate Boards to be elections. The Corporateers would be impressed, just as Clinton destroyed welfare, Obama will make his name (and earn his Board seat) by shafting Social Security.

No, Congressional Democrats will be blamed in the next election although most of them are more sinned against than sinning.


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