There’s Something Happening Here, What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear

Will American Unions forge new unity with progressive community groups? Will it welcome community groups into the AFL-CIO as members?

Listen to Jack Rasmus’s September 18 radio show, Alternative Visions, for a discussion with AFL-CIO convention attendees, long-time union officers, Steve Early and Carl Finamore, on this topic.

Dr. Jack Rasmus welcomes Steve Early of the CWA and Carl Finamore of the Machinists, who attended the recent AFLCIO convention where delegates recently discussed and voted on whether to bring community groups (NAACP, La Raza, Sierra Club, etc.) into the union federation in a new kind of membership.

Both Steve and Carl have more than 30 years each of experience in the US labor movement, which they bring to the discussion.

Jack introduces the show and discussion with an explanation of the dimensions of the deep decline in union labor in the USA, its failing organizing and bargaining strategies at the company level and the political level with its alliance with the Democratic Party, as well as the consequences of both. Steve and Carl discuss the resolution and scope of the decision at the AFLCIO convention to forge a deeper partnership with community organizations. How can union labor stop and reverse its slide? Jack and guests debate whether some kind of new grass roots organizational structure uniting labor and community organizations must occur if union labor in the US is to survive and grow.

Url for the radio show is:


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