Government Shutdown? Guess Who STILL Gets Paid

Members of the military won’t receive paychecks during the Government Shutdown. They will still be expected to report for duty however. But as far as pay is concerned, active-duty members of the Armed Force will get “promises”. Those who have families who have to buy groceries will just have to see if the Supermarkets will accept promises in return for food.

Worry not for the Congress-Critters themselves. Congress-Critters are considered ESSENTIAL and therefore will continue to be paid as will their staffs.

Essential? How long could we survive without a Military? How long could we survive without Congress-Critters? Which would you consider essential?

Oh, and you know that this entire mess is due to the Wackos in Congress wanting to take the ball home if the President won’t let them win. The issue that is spinning the wingnuts in place is Obamacare. The Shutdown DOESN’T affect the new healthcare law, it will still go into effect.


NOTE: Subsequent to the original posting, Congress & the President agreed that paychecks for the military should continue during the shutdown. Thankfully, our men and women in uniform are now considered essential.


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