Ted Cruz doesn’t like Obamacare but LOVES GoldmanSachs-care

TED CRUZ, the Harvard-educated lawyer, who like the Yale fraternity kid before him, managed to convince Texas good-ol-boys that he was just plain folks, stood up for 21 hours to blab on to evidence his distaste for Obamacare. He is deadset against Americans having healthcare. It might be thought that he hypocritically enjoys government-paid health insurance as a U.S. Senator. But no, Ted Cruz doesn’t give a damn about any sort of publicly sponsored healthcare even that provided for Congress-Critters.

You see, Ted isn’t the primary breadwinner in his household. The Cruz family couldn’t live on Ted’s pittance as a Senator. Ted’s wife Heidi brings home the bacon at maison d’Cruz as a GOLDMAN SACHS executive. Goldman Sachs execs get a far better health plan than mere Senators, annual premiums per exec being about $ 40,000 per household.

No wonder Cruz is so dismissive of public health programs. There is no way the American people can ever ever get healthcare as primo as that received by Ted Cruz in his capacity as gigolo.

Interestingly, despite Cruz’s intense concern for public expenditures, he has nothing to say about taxpayer bailouts for Goldman Sachs.

Public money for the people = Socialism; public money for banksters = Free Enterprise.


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