Climate Denial

It is remarkable that otherwise competent people are so willingly obstinate in denying the obvious facts of climate change.  I heard well educated people assert in contravention of any evidence that the idea that the world is warming is merely a “Liberal Conspiracy”. Really? All the liberal scientists have gotten together at their monthly meetings and decided to scam the rest of us. The motivation apparently is either the appetite for juicy grant money or a deep abiding dedication to building a new world order so as to welcome the antichrist. Sheeesh!

The following news item won’t be able to dispel the ideological doubters but may win over those on the fringe of the debate:

Study published in the journal ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS found that 97% of scientists believe that humans are responsible for climate change

– 11,640 yes, 360 no

– From a review of 4000 studies conducted during the last 21 years

– Surprisingly, less than half of the public agrees with the scientific community



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