The Rich Don’t Suffer So the Shutdown Is of Little Concern

Talking heads on the business channel and financial programs have gone positively ape-**** over the Government Shutdown. Not because of its prospective threat to the overall economy or the immediate pain suffered by those affected, no because of those who have warned of such things. Biz-oriented mouthpieces for the VRW Conspiracy * pooh-pooh the event as “No Big Deal”. After all, their stocks are still doing good, and they are working, so what the hay!

The Shutdown IS hurting but not the 1% or their hangers-on. It hurts REAL people. For example, there are a million Federal workers out of work and without incomes. Frequently ignored are those employees furloighed who are not direct Federal employees but rather employed in State and Local agencies dependent on Federal grants or in private companies under Federal contracts, they are also out of work.

The Center for Disease Control is closed so that the analysis of potential pandemic outbreaks will be on hold.

Seven million mothers and infant children will see their nutritional supplements stopped.

Head Start kids will be staying home.

Low income students in college will have their grants or loans frozen.

People in need of Medicare or Medicaid assistance need to wait.

People will be hurt, but not the Uber-Rich so it doesn’t command the sympathy¬† of the media. Now if investments take a tick downwards, the media-types will howl in pain.


* “VRW Conspiracy” – Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy references the network of well-paid agents of influence who maintain the never-ending propaganda on behalf of the Masters of the Universe. If a middle-income family loses their home in a foreclosure, they scoff but if an oil company desires to build a pipeline in an uncooperative country, they agitate for invasion. If a welfare recipient gets an extra $ 5 a month, they scream for reform but if a bank scores a couple BILLION in bailout funds, they cover it as a public necessit.


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