Recently when arguing with someone as to the wisdom of using military force against Iran, having made some point, the retort was, “I can’t believe you favor Iran having nuclear weapons”.

Well, I don’t, indeed I am opposed to the United States having nuclear weapons. I favor the abolition of nuclear weaponry under international supervision. “Nukes” are just too dangerous for humans to possess.

Case in point, in 1961, the U.S. Air Force accidentally dropped two hydrogen bombs on Goldsboro, North Carolina. These bombs were 250 times the destructive power of the one that devastated Hiroshima. The only reason North Carolina was not evaporated was due to the delightful fact that the bombs, built by the lowest bidder, had defective wiring. Thank God for incompetence! If the military contractor had actually been as good as its marketing pretends it was, North Carolina would be a memory.

The fact is that humans are just too limited, too dumb, too prone to error, to allow anyone to possess such power. It is not enough to prevent proliferation, we must disarm.

Iran should not have a Bomb. But it should not look north to see nukes possessed by the Russians, or east to Pakistani and Indian nukes, or west to Israeli nukes*, or south to the nuclear-armed ships of the U.S. Navy. Let’s establish a nuclear-free zone from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to the Himalayas. It would be a good first step for the world to emulate.


* Yes, Israel has nuclear weapons. Everyone knows but we’re supposed to pretend that they don’t. It undercuts the American argument for bombing Iran if we acknowledge that Iran only wants to do what Israel has already done.


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