Pledge Week? Time to Change the Dial

Ever hear of a fellow named Paul Haarga?

A big bucks CEO-type who yearly gave about $ 30,000 to the Republican Party. Apparently a big giver to and buddy of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell too. Haarga also sits on the Boards of the Right-wing think tanks the Hoover Institution and the American Enterprise Institute.

But Haarga’s major claim to fame, or infamy if one is so disposed, is his stint as lobbyist for the Mutual Fund industry. Haarga is one of the Boys who walk the streets of Capitol Hill, a on-call boy for Congress-critters. After Capitalism almost bit the dust and the public clamor for reform and regulation reached a fever-pitch, Haarga plied his trade servicing such ‘Critters as he must to assure that reform remained little more than a line or two in an Obama speech.

So what would such a career path qualify the boy for? Why, honcho for NPR, of course. Yes, that NPR, the National Public Radio. The mild-mannered, soft-spoken folks who are regularly scorned by the Rightist rabble as Commies, Pinks, Queers and (gasp) Liberals.

For such a high profile Wing Nut to be elevated to NPR brass-hood it can only signify either NPR is about to be sold to Rupert Murdoch or will soon be gutted and skinned and hung in an NRA hunting lodge.


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