As If You Don’t Have Enough to Worry About

The largest volcano in North America sits under Yellowstone Park. It is a caldera, that is, an underground volcano which undergirds most of the park. It erupts every 600,000 years or so and now is 60,000 years overdue for a big bang.

If it goes it’s blast will overwhelm the Mount Saint Helens eruption by the same magnitude as a megaton nuke in comparison to a firecracker. The Sun will be blotted out for at least 3 years — no sun, no crops — and about 1000 feet of volcanic ash will fall over the Western half of the United States. Consider how well your house, or any structure, would stand with 1000 feet of ash on the roof?

Problem is that the ground at Yellowstone has been rising at the rate of 3 inches a year due to the volcanic activity below. Most recently during a two week period of September this year there were a swarm of 130 earthquakes in the caldera. Not a good sign.

This BIG BANG ain’t no theory. Geologists say that it isn’t a question as to whether Yellowstone will blow, it will, the only question is when?


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