Corporate Coup d’Etat Is in the Works

Michael Froman was confirmed as the U.S. Trade Representative although opposed by Senators Elizabeth Warren (MA), Bernie Sanders (VT), Carl Levin (MI) and Joe Manchin (WVA). When Froman was asked as to why the TPP Trade deal was being conducted in secret, he replied in words which had the effect of saying, that the TPP must be kept secret because if the American people would find out what was being done, the opposition would be overwhelming.

The secret trade deal will be the BIGGEST ever done by the United States, TP P is to NAFTA what Wal-Mart is to a kid’s lemonade stand. Transnational Corporations are set to become the final arbiter of ALL laws which might affect commerce or industry as well as nullifying the police powers of the States. Congress will be retained for show but actual power will be assumed by Transnational Corporations operating via international tribunals consisting of corporate counsel and lobbyists.

Even now when Congress is still theoretically in charge, Congress is NOT ALLOWED to see the various drafts of the Agreement as it is being negotiated. However, 600 Corporate representatives are routinely provided copies of every provision as completed. These select 600 are able to provide input and advice to the treaty draftsmen. When Congress finally gets the Treaty, it will not be allowed to amend it, to debate it, or to conduct committee hearings. Congress will be allowed to either vote for or against and that is the sum total of permitted Congressional action.

If you believe in Democracy, you should oppose this trade agreement. The result will be to short-circuit democratic government in favor of Corporate rule.

If you believe in Free Enterprise, you should oppose this trade agreement. The result will be to rig the system in favor of the politically-connected elite.

The TPP, or TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP is the worst of everything. Tea Partisans and the Occupy-99 Percenters should unite in opposition to the TPP. As diverse as their respective interests may be, the TPP would destroy the foundations of freedom to which both sides adhere.


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