Democrats Fighting Hard for Republican Goals

The REPUBLICANS are griping that Obama and the Democrats won’t concede anything to get them to agree to re-open the Government.

This is what is known under the technical term as a BIG FAT LIE !!!

The Democrats have already compromised almost everything. The Budget which they are seeking to pass over the opposition of the Wacko Caucus is actually THE REPUBLICAN BUDGET and at that the Wackos still want more.

President Obama originally proposed a $ 1, 203 BILLION budget. The Paul Ryan budget complete with drastic cuts to social services was $ 1,095 BILLION. The Continuing Resolution cut this down to $ 986 BILLION. The Democrats are now fighting for a budget which is $ 109 BILLION LESS than what Paul Ryan proposed (and incidentally what the American electorate rejected in 2012). The C.R. projects a budget for 2014 which is $ 199 BILLION under what was budgeted four years ago.

The Democrats are not fighting for their budget, they’re fighting for the Republican budget and the Republicans are making them beg and plead to even get that. So when the Republicans finally “give in” and let the Democrats pass a budget cut-and-slashed beyond recognition, the Democrats will celebrate a victory which won’t really be their victory.


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