Obama Plotting Murder . . . . . (of Social Security)

The DISSENTING DEMOCRAT has been saying for sometime that President Obama has had his sights set on Social Security. Although Social Security has been said to be the “third rail” of American politics, and hence untouchable. Obama has been jonesing for the opportunity to be the President to rip up that third rail. Bill Clinton was the “Democrat” who ended welfare as we know it, Obama wants to be the “Democrat” who cut Social Security. He has said so repeatedly and at every chance offers a proposal to begin the dismantling.

Skeptics may deny this contending that there would be no percentage in it to do so. Untrue, the Social Security pot with $ 2.8 TRILLION in it, is desired by Wall Street, they’d love to manage it and as we know they’re so good at managing other people’s money. Obama is the Wall Street President in the same way that Dubya was Oil’s President.

Now with the debt ceiling coming up, word is getting out that Social Security checks may be held up. It seems that although Social Security is separate from the General Fund, the Government has already “borrowed” everything set aside for Seniors and unless it can continue to borrow more, will be unable to pay out next month’s checks. What a perfect scenario. Seniors will be clamoring for their money, and the pundits working for Wall Street will re-frame the problem from a Wacko raid on sanity to the danger of having Guv’mint manage the Trust Fund. The argument will be made that Wall Street, not Washington, should manage Seniors’ nest egg. Obama will do his part and finesse this assault on the future of the last program of the New Deal.

Only Nixon could go to China, only Clinton could end welfare, and only Obama could kill Social Security.


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