Is an Syrian Invasion Imminent?

Carlton Meyer, retired Marine Corps officer, maintains a blog on military affairs at “G2Mil” (

He has an interesting take on an American intervention. He reminds us that the United States operating through the UN had Iraq destroy its stockpile of chemical weapons BEFORE invading. Now that Syria is destroying its stockpile under UN supervision, any possible retaliation against an American or Israeli intervention is pre-empted.

Meyer wrote this on October 13, 2013:

“Syrian leader Assad may have taken the bait. If the USA had invaded a few months ago, Syria may have unleashed chemical weapons at American forces and Israel. Once Syria’s chemical stockpile is gone, the invasion can proceed. As with Iraq, the American President can claim that Syria hasn’t eliminated all chemical weapons as promised, and demand that Syria prove a negative — “prove” that none remain. Eliminating chemical weapons will not protect Syria from an American invasion, but may encourage one.”


History shows us that wars are the favored tactic of governments seeking to distract their people from continuing domestic problems and exploitation.


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