If the Market is God, God Blesses Workers Ownership

Workers’ Ownership isn’t pie-in-the-sky but a practical profitable mode of enterprise

Workers’ owned enterprise is frequently dismissed as idealistic twaddle. Yet the indices of performance indicate that the model is productive and profitable.

In London, where an Employee Ownership Index tracks the performance of companies which have some form of employee ownership of shares, employee-owned firms rate high. In the first 10 months of the current year, employee owned companies rose 36% while the conventional stockholder-owned company only managed an 11% growth rate.

Capital Strategies, a finance company, reported that a 100 (pounds, not dollars) invested in employee-owned companies would now be worth 635 while the so-so same-same companies only grew to 264 from an initial 100 investment.

Not bad for a pipe dream, huh?

SOURCE: Financial Times (October 4, 2013)


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