The Fundies Said When the Messiah Came All Hell Would Break Loose

In 2008, a law was passed by Congress and signed by then President George W Bush, you know the warmonger we all detested, as it was supported by then-candidate Barack Obama, the human rights advocate, the candidate for the Nobel Peace prize and all-around Messiah. Now 5 years later, the warmonger is gone and we have the peace president in the White House.  Our messiah-king who keeps a kill list of foreign enemies and U.S. citizens, and  routinely sends forth drones to destroy our enemies (as well as nearby villages).

The law passed in 2008, the Child Soldier Prevention Act, banned provided military aid to any government which intentionally uses children as soldiers. Seems a simple enough idea and one consistent with American values. But President Obama, now warrior-in-chief has had a change of heart, child-soldiers are now favored by the Peace Prize winner albeit less than noble.

The President has issued waivers for his buddies in Yemen, Chad and South Sudan. You see it is wrong to use children as soldiers if you’re a bad guy but it is A-OK if you are one of the good guys. Just as bad guys cannot be allowed to have nukes while good guys get a wink and a nod.

It’s hard for most Americans to understand but the U.S. is only for such things as “rights”, “values” or “ideals” when it is convenient to do so. When it serves our Realpolitick purposes to promote the proliferation of nuclear weapons, recruit children as soldiers, bomb countries, and support vicious dictators then all is permitted.

We had a law that banned U.S. aid to terrorists, the sort who attacked us on 9-11, but Obama waived that law as well. He wanted his good friends the Islamist terrorists currently killing Christians and Alawis in Syria to get the good arms and ammo and the law stood in his way. Can’t let a law get in the way of a good massacre, can we? When Bush used to ignore the law and morality, liberals scorned him widely but now that a “liberal” is ignoring law and morality, liberals just sigh, after all, the messiah must know what he is doing.

Mr Obama, killing American citizens, spying on everyone, bombing villagers, torture, rendition, aiding Islamist terrorists, defending land mines and now supporting the conscription of kids for military service. . . is there anything you won’t do?

SOURCE: “Obama Quietly Okays Military Aid to Countries That Use Child Soildiers”,  COMMON DREAMS (October 2, 2013)

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